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On the outset of any project I get out in the field and develop a deep understanding of your brand, your product and your customers. I will undertake a full display audit as a starting point for my research. I pride myself on being astutely aware of new trends in retail design and contemporary culture in general.


I draw on years of experience and an ingrained desire to create new and exciting ideas from the beginning of every project. At this stage, no idea is too expensive, too crazy or too obscure... blue sky thinking at it's best. The result is a series of hand sketches that encompasses all that is good when extending your imagination.

Concept Development

Taking the best ideas, I narrow down my creative and develop the ideas into something more tangible, more realistic. At this stage I will start to rough out 3D models to get a good understanding of scale, proportion and materials. Towards the end of this process I would expect to have a good basis for some solid concepts that would be achievable to manufacture in a real world scenario... there's no floating shelves here.

Final Presentation

Based on client feedback I now figure out the nuts and bolts... that includes finalised material choices, colours and precision. We'll produce a realistic 3D rendering to fully explore the details that make up the final concept.